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Building Resilience to Tackle Human Trafficking

Updated: Jul 11, 2022


To form first responders within the community using the community based approach who will cater and address to the needs of the vulnerable individuals caught in any form of Human trafficking to support and connect them to the available services or person. This is the need of the hour, especially in building resilient communities for prevention and reduction in prevalence of human trafficking.

“COVID-19 has amplified trafficking dangers,” says Ghada Waly, Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) with job loss, poverty, school closures and a rise in online interactions opening new opportunities for organized crime groups. Human trafficking is a pernicious new variation on the ancient theme of slavery and trading in human flesh. It is considered a serious organised crime against humanity, reduces their sense of worth and punctures their ego and sense of dignity.

The role of the first responder has become more significant since the time of the Pandemic- COVID-19, as new rules and laws have been instilled by the state and centre. Therefore, transferring basic knowledge into individuals who work in different sectors of the economy but are willing to identify, support and connect them to relevant stakeholders through awareness, is the key. Smart, targeted interventions can be coordinated and directed at specific types of trafficking; reducing the chance that human trafficking continues to be a low-risk, high-profit crime. Therefore Space2grow’s proposal is to build and execute a capsule module from Level 0-3 after which the trainees could become first responders 1 to the crime of Human Trafficking.

The advantages of this model based training are:

  1. It builds in firm levels of awareness of the issue of Human trafficking

  2. It would allow the community to participate in curbing the issue and not rely on primary level of stakeholders

  3. It would enforce a stringent level of community based connect within each other and

  4. It would put into effect the community level of vigilance required for this hidden crime

  5. It will also provide a onestop information booklet that enables easy access and reach for the communities/ individuals and non-profit to tackle the crime of trafficking

About Space2Grow

Space2Grow was incorporated in 2019, as a Partnership LLP Firm, for undertaking Social Impact & development consultancy to provide accelerated growth to non-profits, community based organisations through impactful investment. For this Space2Grow works in partnership with Government Agencies, Private Service Providers and Other National & Multinational organisations.

Space2Grow aims to remove the traditional challenges social organisations face by acting as an accelerator who bridges the gap between Donors/Impact investors and non-profits and Community- based organisations by simplifying and strengthening strategy, operations, governance and journeying with organisations for sustained impact. Our focus area includes AntiHuman Trafficking, Child protection, Inclusive Livelihoods and Education.

Back2Roots : Our Initiative to build Resilient Communities

Our initiative Back2Roots is designed to capacity build grassroot organisations and CBO’s to tackle human trafficking through journeying with them on the issues, building the organisational starteges, supporting with fund raising, and building innovative models for scale. Within the program, we have initiated a series of trainings for community based organisation across the country, to tackle human trafficking.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India (MHA) in their guideline highlight on the generation of #awareness at all levels acting as an effective weapon to fight the crime of Human Trafficking during this #pandemic. The department has mentioned the need for special awareness generation campaigns to be organized by the government to protect the vulnerable sections of society.

In line with the MHA guideline on Human Trafficking post covid, this initiative will lead to a large scale reach and awareness on the issue, with a mechanism for referral of cases identified, through existing AHT organisations.

We at Space 2 Grow are playing our role in helping the government and the community make aware of the issue of Human Trafficking to end this crime and not let this hidden offense evolve during these times. In this endeavor, we have initiated a capsule of online training that leads to capacity building first responders.

The series of training is structure at 4 levels –

  1. Level 0 – Basic Awareness : Forms of Trafficking, Stakeholders involved/how to access information

  2. Level 1 – Identifiers and Elements of HT, Legal response

  3. Level 2 – Key First steps : First Responder to trafficking (Legal frameworks, Ecosystem Leverage)

  4. Level 3 – Online trafficking – Recognising the crime, and Legal rights

The training programs are conducted with social workers/lawyers and survivors of trafficking who lead the path of making such training meaningful and relevant.

Level – 0: Basic Awareness: Forms of Trafficking, Stakeholders involved/how to access information

Level – 1: Identifiers and Elements of HT, Legal response

Level – 2: Key First steps, First Responder to trafficking (Legal frameworks, Ecosystem Leverage)

Level – 3 : Online trafficking – Recognising the crime, and Legal rights

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