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Social Start Ups/ Nonprofits /CBO's

Initiate, Create and Accelerate through advisory on Strategy Development, Aggregating Services, Building Partnership, Capital acquisition & end to end Financial and Governance Solutions



Assisting where it matters the most

  • Strategic Advice for the leadership

  • Design and development of organisational strategy and budget

  • Diversifying Investment Portfolio & Fundraising for scale-up

  • Sustainable Financial & Economic modelling for the organisation 

  • Facilitating setting up of governance, regulatory & financial structures

  • End-to-end programme management support : program design, budgeting, implementation, measuring impact (baseline, end-line and Monitoring & Evaluation) through tech based solution

  • Gap Analysis for increasing efficiency ( Programs , Compliances and Costs)

  • Capacity building support for programme teams across the program management cycle

  • Facilitate long term partnerships with Investors ( Program and Organisational Development Funding)



Ensuring measurable deliverables

  • Vision and Strategy Document for organisation and programs

  • Finance Strategy & Policy Document including diversification of funding portfolio and fundraising

  • Establishing an investment portfolio, diversifying funds and plan towards sustained funding

  • Robust governance structure catering to the regulatory requirements

  • Policy & process document for setting up finance and compliance Increased capacities of operational teams

  • Economic and Financial model designed for organisational sustainability

  • Solutions co-created for programs leading to replicability and scale

  • Leadership alignment towards economic and sustainable program models

  • Increased Program efficiency – Technology and enhanced execution capacities of teams

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