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Trail blazers of the digital realm: Space2Grow's triumph in safeguarding children in online learning platforms



Vedantu (Vedantu leads in live online education in India, offering K-12 and test prep classes on its app and website. With real-time interactive sessions, free content, and a vast user base, it's recognised globally for its innovative approach)



Amidst the pandemic's upheaval, online education emerged as a vital lifeline for students across India. However, this transition unearthed a troubling reality: the rampant increase in online abuse targeting children. Shockingly, from 2017 to 2020, over 24 lakh cases of online child sexual abuse were reported, disproportionately affecting vulnerable girls under 14. Despite the urgent demand for digital access in education, the safety of our children in the virtual realm was sorely overlooked.



In response to this urgent crisis, Space2Grow, strategists within the social impact space, partnered with Vedantu, a leading edtech platform, to confront this pressing issue head-on. Spearheaded by the vision of Space2Grow for digital safety of children, we designed a robust solution - focused on the product, training, policy and government engagement to ensure child safety and compliance. Together with Vedantu we embarked on a mission to shield our children from the perils of the online world.

This collaboration lead to marquee and first of it’s kind interventions within online learning space - : awareness sessions for students and parents, intensive training for educators, and the implementation of robust reporting mechanisms. Under Space2Grow's guidance, Vedantu forged a sanctuary within the digital landscape, fortified by compassion, vigilance, and unwavering resolve.



The impact was transformative. Empowered by knowledge and supported by a vigilant community, children found their voices, speaking out against abuse and bullying. Space2Grow's influence permeated every aspect, from real-time safeguards to compassionate interventions. Together, what got built was not just a platform but a safe space where every child’s safety is sacred. Engaging with government institutions illuminated the path forward, to creating a proactive solution to keep online learning spaces safe.

Over 1 million children were reached out through straining, and the organisation reached a 76% child safety compliance in 2 years, based on the online learning benchmarking standards designed by Space2Grow.

A child on the platform - impacted by online safety measures shared, "Knowing that someone is looking out for us online makes me feel safe and heard. I feel empowered to speak up against anything that doesn't feel right.

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