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Industry/ Corporate - Compliance and Governance

Benchmarking, Internal Assessment and Audit and providing solutions/services for compliance and governance of industry leaders/ corporates towards digital safety of children, ensuring trafficking free supply chain, and diversity and inclusion.


Assisting where it matters the most

  • Indepth analysis - Existing processes, systems, gaps in achieving child safety, inclusion and diversity and trafficking free supply chains

  • Strategic advisory for achieving compliance on Safety of children in online space, trafficking free supply chains and diversity and inclusion

  • Designing and executing Capacity building programs , Policy frameworks and guidelines

  • Leading Benchmarking study, and creating standards for governance and compliance to ensure child safety and inclusion and diversity

  • Conducting annual audits for safety of children and inclusion and diversity for positive affirmation and brand building



Ensuring measurable deliverables

  • Audit and Compliance report for internal and external messaging on Safety of services provided in digital space for children, and inclusion and diversity

  • Government and Regulatory body engagement for higher acceptance of service provision

  • Leading success story of higher compliance and governance of Industry/Ed tech/Gaming and Schools

  • Internal teams set and internalised policies for safety, inclusion and diversity

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