CIFF is independent philanthropic foundation with a focus on a range of partners seeking to transform the lives of
children and adolescents in developing countries.

• Designed a robust model of combating human trafficking within Child Protection strategy of a leading organization in
• Designed the foundational Strategy for CIFF (Girl Capital Strategy) which consolidated CIFF’s portfolios to maximise
impact for the adolescents, emphasing on Education

Strategy presented at the UNGA and received multiple global commitments for funding.
(Individual Engagement of Partner)

An Antihuman Trafficking Organisation with a focus on rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and justice through systemic change for victims of human trafficking

• Organisational Strategy and Budget Development ,India – (2020 -2022)
• Instrumental in Fund-Raising through HNIs/CSR’s on rehab, reintegration and Inclusive skilling
• Co- Creating Innovative solutions for inclusive Skill Development models for victims of Trafficking
• Financial Compliance, Governance, Risk Assessment and aligning to Regulatory environment

Honorable President of India, Launched the Skill Development Model in March 2018
(Individual Engagement of Partners)

Start Up : An Antihuman Trafficking organisation

• Mentoring and Advising the Founder & CEO
• Robust Strategy for Rehabilitation and Reintegration & Designing innovative Digital Skill Training Programs
• Reinvention model for victims and Commercial Sex Workers (CSW) for long term rehab
• Economic Modelling of impact of COVID-19 on the CSW and the consequences on health and indebtedness

Start up enabler and service aggregator

An Antihuman Trafficking Funding organisation in the Netherlands

• Scoping partners for impact investment
• Due Diligence of partners
• Proposal Development/Budgeting and designing the results framework
• Project management and impact evaluation

Leading Impact investor and implementing partner engagement for long term partnership

GGBK is an anti human trafficking organisation based out of West Bengal

• Linking an impact investor for funding the core program of survivors collective
• Capacity building of teams through the project management cycle
• Re-calibrating and strategising with the leadership and organisation in times of COVID Crisis and informing the strategy and longterm
sustainability of the organisation

Enabling CBO’s to respond to the Pandemic and Programmatic prioritisation

A Volunteer organization created to provide financial relief because of COVID 19 pandemic

• Overall strategy and Operational plans directly connecting donors to beneficiaries.
• Recruiting volunteers across the country
• Ensuring recurring fundraising
• Monitoring and evaluation

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