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Philanthropists/ CSR/ Donors/ Investors

Research and Policy engagement, Identification and Due Diligence of nonprofits/CBOs, designing innovative models, Making investment count through Program Management Solutions including M&E and Impact Assessment.


Assisting where it matters the most

  • Startegising the Investment planning in the thematic areas of expertise for social impact 

  • Due Diligence and Identification of organisations for investment and operations

  • Facilitating the design of Programs, Costs, and organisational Budget for execution

  • Capacity building of teams and drive execution – end to end program management

  • Reviewing organisational sustainability & developing sustainable economic models

  • Leading Baseline and Impact Assessments


Ensuring measurable deliverables

  • Investment Strategy focussing on increased social returns

  • Establish a network of partners in the thematic areas of expertise for investment and execution

  • Reduced “time to impact” via ecosystem partnerships

  • High Impact programs designed with programmatic and cost efficiencies

  • Highly capable teams that deliver programs and projects in time

  • Sustainability Report of invested partners for continuity and scale

  • Social Impact Assessment and Audit Reports

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