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Image by Larm Rmah


Strategic partnerships for accelerating the internalisation of programs /solutions for prevention of trafficking, digital safety of children and inclusive skilling


Assisting where it matters the most

  • Strategic Advisory on programmatic solutions to address trafficking, child safety and inclusion in skilling and employability

  • Engagement with government for Capacity building of stakeholders within the various departments, law enforcement, schools etc. on the core thematic areas

  • Supporting research and policy engagement for awareness creation, program designing and scale up

  • Strategic engagement for initiating pilots , policy recommendation and frameworks for regulation - on digital safety , inclusive skilling and child protection

  • Creating collaboratives with key government representation of solution design and policy engagement



Ensuring measurable deliverables

  • Programs and solution to address the core themes of S2G , done in partnership with government

  • Solutions designed in engagement with Government - higher leverage for scale and replicability

  • Adaptability and knowledge sharing through scale , in partnership with relevant government

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