Space2Grow works with CSRs, Donors and Social Impact Investors – Locally and Globally, for accelerating the Investment Impact by identifying organisations, providing project management support and increasing efficiency that leads to social returns on investments.


Assisting where it matters the most

  • Startegising the Investment planning in the thematic areas of expertise (Evidence Based)
  • Due Diligence and Identification of organisations for investment and operations
  • Facilitating the design of Programs, Costs, and organisational Budget for execution
  • Capacity building of teams and drive execution – end to end program management
  • Reviewing organisational sustainability & developing sustainable economic models
  • Leading Baseline and Impact Assessments


Ensuring measurable deliverables

  • Investment Strategy focussing on increased social returns
  • Establish a network of partners in the thematic areas of expertise for investment and execution
  • Reduced “time to impact” via ecosystem partnerships
  • High Impact programs designed with programmatic and cost efficiencies
  • Highly capable teams that deliver programs and projects in time
  • Sustainability Report of invested partners for continuity and scale
  • Social Impact Assessment and Audit Reports